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The rolling calf is a mythical creature in the Jamaican folklore culture. It is associated with what is known as Duppy, anything dealing with spirit or the undead. The rolling calf is said to be a spirit of a dead person who, during their life time was a wicked are a dishonest person. After this dishonest person dies he is said to resurrect and take the form of an animal that roam at night, seeking out its next victims. Most rolling calf are said to have these characteristic but at times, vary depending on the person describing it. Rolling calf is known to have blood red eyes and a cracking chain that drags behind them while walking. In other version they are said to have fire and smoke coming from their nostril which can be heard by anyone, but can only be seen by people who claim they can see duppies or ghost. The rolling calf is said to frequent the roots of cotton trees, bamboos and caves as duppies during the days.