Will Robson

Will Robson

The Story of the Millstone.

Born Bradford,UK.

1963-65 Bradford Regional College of Art.

1965-68 Maidstone College of Art (Sculpture)

1975-82 Partner in Magic Toys UK specialising in jigsaw puzzle design.

1983 Migrated to Jamaica and established Magic Toys Jamaica at Sunny Lodge in Walderston, producing mosaic craft items for the tourist trade as well as murals and room pieces for hotels, commercial buildings and private commissions.

2001 Re-located to Nottingham, UK.
Re-establishing myself by producing a range of anodised aluminium mosaic murals, mosaic mirror frames, wood and aluminium fretwork.

My work is influenced by illuminated manuscripts, stained glass windows, Christian mosaics, the art of Islam, meditative mandalas and mosaic art.

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